Samsung Card Character Branding

We designed more than 16 persona characters according to the consumption type of Samsung Card users.
우트크리에이티브에서 삼성카드 사용자의 소비 유형에 따라 16종 이상의 페르소나 캐릭터를 디자인했습니다. 

CLIENT - Samsung Card

Creative Director - Park Sungwoo
Research - Park Sungwoo, Kim Hyunjin, Kang Jimin 
Idea Sketch - Park Sungwoo
Asset Modeling - Kim Hyunjin
Character Design - Park Sungwoo
Character Face & Body Modeling - Park Sungwoo
Hair Modeling - Park Sungwoo(All), Kim Hyunjin(Premium, Mart-Male)
Cloth Modeling - Park Sungwoo, Kim Hyunjin, Kang Jimin
Character Rigging Setup - Park Sungwoo, Kim Hyunjin
Texturing - Park Sungwoo, Kim Hyunjin, Kang Jimin
Lighting - Park Sungwoo, Kim Hyunjin
Animation - Kim Hyunjin, Kang Jimin, Park Sungwoo
Compositing - Park Sungwoo, Kim Hyunjin

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