CLIENT - Naver

PROJECT DIRECTION - NAVER Design&MKT Division Branding 1

Creative Director - Park Sungwoo
Light / Texture / Color Guide - Park Sungwoo
All Design / Modeling / Lighting / Texturing  - Oh Hyojin(Lead Designer)
Look Dev / Color Correction - Park Sungwoo, Oh Hyojin
Research - Oh Hyojin & Woot Creative Design Team

We designed about 40 kinds of Naver Family Month in May 3D icons.
These are used in various services of Naver.
우트크리에이티브에서 40여종의 네이버 5월 가정의 달 3D 아이콘을 제작했습니다. 
3D 아이콘들은 네이버의 다양한 서비스에서 활용되고 있습니다. 

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