- Client
LG 생활건강

- WOOT Creative
Creative Director - Goh seongwoo
Plan - Goh seongwoo, Kim hyunjin, Kim Heewon
Character modeling - Oh hyojin(super knights), Oh eunsae(Robin), Kim Heewon(Villain)
Character rigging - Yang jeongseok(Robin, superKnights), Lee yuseok(villain), Kim Heewon(Robin facial)
Character texture - Oh eunsae, Oh hyojin, Goh seongwoo
Environment modeling & setup - Oh hyojin, Kim heewon, Kim Hyunjin(support)
Animation - Oh hyojin, Kim heewon
Lighting & Texture - Goh seongwoo, Oh hyojin, Kim Heewon
Logo design & Animation - Kim heewon
Fx - Goh seongwoo(barrier fx), Oh hyojin(villain simulation, waterbomb fx)
Look dev, Composite, Edit - Goh seongwoo

- Partners
2D Character design - Superfiction
Sound - 274 Custom
WOOT Creative produced Super Drops animations depicting BELIF's worldview series.
2d character design was handled by SUPERFICTION, and all other works were handled by WOOT Creative.

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