CLIENT - Burberry


Creative Director - Park Sungwoo
Movie Conti - Lee Hyunji, Park Sungwoo
Emoticon Conti - Wynter, Lee Hyunji, Park Sungwoo, Kim Hyunjin
Product Modeling & Texturing - Lee Hyunji
BG Modeling - Park Sungwoo, Kim Hyunjin, Wynter, Lee Hyunji
Animation - Park Sungwoo, Lee Hyunji, Wynter, Kim Hyunjin
Texturing/Lighting - Park Sungwoo, Lee Hyunji, Wynter, Kim Hyunjin
Face Setup - Kim Hyunjin  
Facial Expression Animation - Lee Hyunji, Park Sungwoo
Cloth Modeling & Simulation - Wynter
Edit/Compositing - Park Sungwoo
Sound Design - Lee Hyunji, Wynter, Kim Hyunjin, Park Sungwoo

Inspired by iKONIC Check, Burberry's signature rollabag reinterpreted with quilting design has
produced a 30-second motion graphic teaser video and a set of 16 Kakao emoticons.
We directed the Dear character "Pop" provided by Burberry, which was swept into Lola's world
and returned to the real world through the Lola's pop-up store.
Elements such as camera tracking points and horses appearing
throughout the background were borrowed from the campaign's main symbols.

아이코닉 체크에서 영감을 받아 퀼팅 디자인으로 재해석된 버버리의 시그니처 롤라백를 주제로 30초의 모션그래픽 티저 영상과
16개의 카카오 이모티콘 세트를 제작했습니다.
버버리에서 제공받은 디어 캐릭터 ‘팝’이 롤라의 세계로 빨려 들어갔다가 롤라 팝업스토어를 통해 현실 세계로 돌아오는 여정으로 기획/연출했습니다.
배경 곳곳에 등장하는 카메라 트래킹 포인트들과 말과 같은 요소들은 캠페인의 주요 상징 요소에서 차용을 하였습니다.

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