WOOT Creative produced Paradise animations depicting BELIF's worldview series.
2d character design was handled by SUPERFICTION, and all other works were handled by WOOT Creative.

WOOT Creative

Creative Director - Goh seongwoo
Plan - Goh seongwoo, Oh hyojin, Kim Heewon
Artwork - Goh seongwoo, Kim Heewon, Oh hyojin, Lee yuseok
Character modeling - Oh eunsae
Character texture - Oh eunsae, Goh seongwoo
Character rigging - Oh hyojin(Dolphin, Hippo, Tours), Lee yuseok(Jade)
Animation - Oh hyojin, Lee yuseok, Kim heewon, Goh seongwoo
Fx - Goh seongwoo(waterfall, ending waterdrop), Lee yuseok(Cylinder water)
Look dev, Edit - Goh seongwoo
Composite - Lee yuseok, Goh seongwoo

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